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Uni-Taxi, Taxi Service

Uni-Taxi's pride ourselves on offering a professional, reliable service no matter who you are or where you are going. Uni-Taxi provides a fast, efficient and reliable service for local as well as long distance travel.

Uni-Taxis with its fleet of Taxis & Private Hire is one of the largest operator not just in Reading but the whole of Berkshire. running for over 30 years, our business is one of the longest serving taxi company in the area and we have achieved this longevity by priding ourselves on offering a professional, reliable, quality service.

All our driver have had

Additional driving tests by DSA
Full medical examinations
Full Criminal history checks carried out every year
Travelling alone at night?

It can be a worry for everyone

As we hear a lot about the risks to women, it can be a load off parent’s minds to know that a reliable local company is getting their young people safely home at night. But crime figures show that men are at least as likely to be victims of attacks. It is reassuring to know that you can order a taxi from a local, well known firm, that when the taxi comes it will be easily identifiable, so you can feel certain you and your family are in safe hands. This is why we offer our completely free Text-Back service, basically we send a free text sms message to your mobile phone detailing type of car, registration and colour. We introduced this free service to ensure you get into the right car, you know exactly what vehicles is yours before it arrives.

Uni-Taxis Safety Tips

Never get in an unlicensed taxi!!

Always pre-book your cab.

Always make sure you can see the drivers licence

Ask for Text-Back - know what vehicle is yours before it arrives.

If in doubt call our office...  


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